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I would like to share a brief history of my career in the construction business. 

My first real jobs started in the boat yards working as a rough and finish carpenter. Then a friend of mine offered me a job as a house carpenter building custom homes. Boy was that different from building boats. I began going to apprentice school to become a Journeyman carpenter. During my apprentice program I continued to work  as a carpenter on new homes and commercial developement projects.

 Much like today, we had a recession that made me look for work in some other trades. By late 70’s I got a job offer to work for a major home builder as a customer service representative. Back then you were expected to repair as many items as possible to save money and time. I liked working with my hands and helping home owners. I learned a lot about people and how they responded to prompt service in their homes.

As time went on I was asked to do all the buyer walk through orientations for the company and schedule the repairs for our in-house customer service representatives as well as all sub contractor repairs. Working with the construction department as well as the sub contractors helped me understand how important building a good product is.

When the opportunity came to transition into the construction end of new homes I started out as an assistant superintendent and after 3 years I was promoted to a full superintendent. I was responsible for overseeing the construction of new homes, and I used my experience in customer service to help build a product that our home buyers would be happy with.

My goal was not to have so many items in need of repairs during their warranty period.

I knew there was a way to build a home with quality by making sure that I checked every stage of construction as the homes were being built, making sure the contractors were performing their duties, if not, fix the problem right a way, before the house was completed. I made it my mission to continue to build a product that would make my company proud, and our customers happy they had purchased a home from us.
During my career I was fortunate to have only worked for  a handful of major home building contractors. In this industry that is a big plus for my resume. 

The last home builder that I was working for the past 8 years, prior to my becoming a home and commercial inspector, had a company meeting with all the departments in the company discussing many topics.
One particular discussion I was very proud of was the comments about the many projects that I had supervised from start to finish. I was asked in front of entire company how it was that my new home construction projects had the least requests for customer service repairs throughout the years I had worked for this home builder. All eyes were on me waiting for my response. Caught off gard my answer was obvious to me. Makes sure you check every step of constuction in all phases thouroughly before continuing to next stage of construction.
Your client is the person purchasing the home. Build the home as if it was for myself and family. Make the sub contractors responsable to do the jobs that they are paid to do. 

That was a very proud moment for me. I had achieved many possitive goals through out my carreer from customer care to new construction.

This is the attitude I still have when inspecting homes for clients trying to make a good decision when possibly purchasing their next home. 

My company is based in Temecula. I am known as the Temecula Home Inspector, performing home inspections on new and existing homes. Performing home inspections is not about trying to assign fault, but to ensure that the person buying the home or property hopefully won’t wind up spending lots of money on repairs they didn’t know existed. You can be sure that having JQ Inspections do your home inspection or commercial building inspections will be done with professional and speedy service.

Temecula home inspection

We perform home inspections in Temecula, Murrieta, Menifee, Lake Elsinore, Escondido and surrounding areas; all of Riverside County and Northern San Diego County. If your city or county is not listed, please give us a call, we will be happy to serve your home inspection needs.